The Hidden Everyday

Thank you so, so much for visiting my site.

The Hidden Everyday is the result of my experience as a parent of a child who had Chronic Kidney Disease and is now post transplant. I started this website as a space to advertise the Ureterostomy belts I have designed and made. However the more I’ve discussed it and though about it I would also like this site to be a shared resource for parents who have been/ are on on this journey; a space to share some of the practicalities that could help others e.g. what should I have in the emergency hospital kit etc.

I’ve found that there are so many hidden everyday challenges in managing kidney health for example, how to get my son to drink and make sure its going where it should is something I discuss and think about constantly. My son has a ureterostomy, a small hole in his abdomen that allows urine to drain straight from the kidney, bi-passing the bladder. The older he got the more difficult it was to keep him dry, so I designed and made a Ureterostomy belt that allows the nappy/ pants to drain separately from the ureterostomy which allows nappy changes to be easier and more independence for my son. Its a work in progress but hope to be able to sell this in 2021.

I hope by creating this website to start the discussion around the Hidden Everyday of managing kidney health it could help to build a parent led practical resource. I’m going to start this discussion through a little bit of a blog, focused on the practicalities.

I’m very early in the development of the idea and site. I hope its something that you think is useful. Thank you for visiting my site and it would be great to hear what you think.

Lucy x