PUV Conference and Putting the Patient in Research

Hello there, and welcome to the Hidden Everyday. This is my second post, and it a long one so please bare with me. In short, I was invited to a conference about Posterior Urethral Valves and I’ve given a summary of what was discussed in this blog. Being invited to it and volunteering within the renal/Continue reading “PUV Conference and Putting the Patient in Research”

What are Posterior Urethral Valves?

What are Posterior Urethral Valves? : Over the past year I’ve wanted to start a blog to provide a resource of practicalities of parenthood and caring for a child with a hidden health condition. It’s based on my experience of my son’s care within the renal and urology healthcare world.   I’ve been thinking aboutContinue reading “What are Posterior Urethral Valves?”