What are Ureterostomy Belts?

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The idea

The idea comes from a very personal need, a wriggly toddler with a ureterostomy. I cannot remember how may times nappies, or things attached to a nappy, caused leakages and multiple changes of clothes. Then came potty training…. when we’re faced with the question how do we keep the ureterostomy protected from little fingers, keep it draining into something and promote independence with toileting?

I couldn’t find anything available that would work for my son, so I learnt to sew and after months of trial and error designed and started making these ureterostomy bands. In short they are fabric belts that are designed to hold a nappy or incontinence pad. The belts are gentle on the skin and look like t-shirts, so they can be a discrete way of managing the ureterostomy drainage.

What is it?

The belt is a fabric band that can be used with with a incontinence pad to provide a drainage solution for children who have a ureterostomy/ vesicostomy. It offers an alternative to double nappies for young babies and ureterostomy drainage bags for older children. The belt may also be helpful for nephrostomy sites, but feedback on this would be great.

I make each belt by hand, which means that if there specific sizes, features you would need then please do let me know. I learn with each belt so please do give feedback so that I can make them right for you. This also means there may be a little wait for your belts but I do hope its worth it.

How to use the belt:

This belt is to be used with an incontenance pad/ nappy of your choosing.

Washing/ Care instructions:

The belts are made of jersey cotton, cotton thread, press fastners or velcro (depending on preference)

As their is a potential for them to be soiled I would recommend washing them at 60 degrees, in line with the NHS guidance on reusable nappies: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/nappies/

Due to washing at higher temperatures you may see some fading of the material over time.

Please keep away from fire. Do not tumble dry.

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